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Beautylash stronger eyelahes

Up to 75% longer lashes in six weeks!
The "Eyelash Growth Booster" activates the natural growth of your own lashes.

*up to 75% fuller lashes in six weeks
*Volume and strength for your lashes
*highly efficient ingredients for healthy and beautiful lashes
* biological component for convincing results
*effects and compatibility clinically proven

The secret lies within the Caribbean coral plexaura homomalla.
All life and growth originates in the ocean. Deep down there one can find a fascinating, highly extensive underwater world with hundreds and thousands of sea dwellers and organisms.
Scientists have been researching these organisms and their bioactive components for centuries.
The functioning of BeautyLash is based on this knowledge. The key substance Black Sea Rod Oil, naturally found in the Caribbean coral Plexaura homomalla, significantly improves the growth of your lashes.

This is how it works

BeautyLash's key substance, the Black Sea Rod Oil, extends the anagen phase (growth phase) of the eyelashes and reduces the number of hair in the catagen and telogen phases (hair release).
The roots are stimulated and cell division and eyelash growth are activated. Additionally, the structure and elasticity of the eyelashes are improved and premature hair loss or breakage is prevented.

The results

When used daily, the Beauty Lash Eyelash Growth Booster gives you 75% longer lashes in only six weeks.
The effective ingredients strengthen the hair's structure provides them with durability and elasticity.
Early breakage is eliminated by hydrating ingredients and the lashes are protected from environmental damge.
The BeautyLash Eyelash Growth Serum gives you longer, fuller, more durable lahes that are ideally nourished and maintained.
Effectiveness clinically proven in a survey with 20 probands (Dermatest Institute)

How to use

The serum is applied once daily (in the evening after cleansing you face) like an eyeliner to the roots of your upper and lower lashes.
Beauty Lash also works for sparse eyebrows.
One bottle serves for four to five moths when used daily.

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